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Dental Crowns
Bakersfield, CA

Weak, decayed, or damaged teeth need help if you want to keep your natural tooth. At Laser Dental Bakersfield, we offer dental crowns to help make this a possibility. Preservation of your natural teeth is important not only for cosmetic appeal but also the overall health of your mouth. Our dentists are specialists in dental crowns, helping you keep your teeth, while still providing a stable surface for chewing, smiling, and talking.

What are Dental Crowns?

A crown, as the name suggests, covers the top of your tooth. It replaces the portion of the tooth you can see when you look inside your mouth. It does not replace the roots or anything beneath the gumline. With the proper steps, a dental crown can look and feel like your natural tooth. Our dentists offer the highest quality dental crown services to help keep up the cosmetic appeal and the function of your natural teeth.

The Dental Crown Process

We can place a dental crown in two appointments, in most cases. During the first appointment, we prepare the tooth or teeth for the crown. This involves administering anesthetic and shaping the surface of the tooth to allow it to accept the crown. We will remove the damaged or decayed portion of the enamel and shape the tooth as necessary to provide a stable surface for the dental crown.

Once we prepare the area, we will take impressions to send to our lab. The lab uses these impressions to create a custom crown that fits the tooth perfectly.
In addition to a perfect fit, the lab will ensure that the crown matches the color of your natural teeth to allow the crown to blend well within your mouth. After we complete the process, we will fit you with a temporary crown to give you the proper function of your mouth while we wait for the custom crown from the lab.

At your second appointment, we will fit the crown onto the tooth. Our dentists ensure a proper fit for comfort and aesthetic appeal. We work with you as a team to ensure that you love the look and feel of your new tooth's surface. Once everyone is satisfied with the crown, we cement it into place over your tooth's natural surface.

The Types of Dental Crowns

We are proud to offer our patients a variety of options for dental crowns, allowing you to pick the material that suits your needs the most. Most commonly, our patients choose composite resin or ceramic for their cosmetically appealing appearance. Both materials can be made in a variety of shades to match the color of your other teeth.

If the dental crowns will go in the back of the mouth on your molars or bicuspids, we may recommend metal crowns, such as gold or silver as they offer a stronger surface that makes chewing easier. Because they have a sturdier surface, there is less of a risk of chipping or breaking the crown.

If you would like to learn more about dental crowns and how they can help your damaged, decayed, or unsightly teeth, call Laser Dental Bakersfield at (661) 241-9144 today.

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