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Stains, chips, decay, and large gaps can cause unsightly smiles that make you feel insecure. At Laser Dental Bakersfield, we are proud to offer dental bonding to help fix these issues.

This non-invasive procedure offers cosmetic appeal and a more stable surface to less than perfect teeth.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding involves adhering resin to the affected tooth or teeth. Our dentists custom create a resin that mimics the color of your surrounding teeth, to make it look as natural as possible.

After applying the resin to the tooth and shaping it, we harden it to create the ‘bond’ to your tooth. Within one appointment, cosmetic issues or damaged teeth can look brand new.

Preparing for Tooth Bonding

The preparing for tooth bonding is simple. Typically, we do not have to administer anesthesia because of the non-invasiveness of the procedure. The only time we may have to use anesthetic is if we are filling an area of decay.

If the decay has not yet been removed, we will administer anesthetic to ensure your comfort while we remove the decay and prepare the area for dental bonding.

The general preparation for dental bonding requires ‘roughening up’ the tooth so that it will accept the resin material. We then can apply the substance to the tooth’s surface, sculpting it like putty to give it the desired appearance.

Our dentists are specialists in dental bonding and know just how to shape it so that it looks as natural as possible in your mouth.

The Advantages of Dental Bonding

As we discussed above, dental bonding is non-invasive, which many people consider to be the largest benefit. It typically only takes one visit to improve the look of your teeth.

Without the need for anesthetic or custom-made tooth coverings, our dentists can quickly and easily fix the appearance of your teeth.

Another advantage of dental bonding is the low amount of enamel we must remove from the teeth. It is always our goal to preserve natural teeth, which means leaving as much enamel intact as possible.

With dental bonding, we only have to roughen up the surface of the tooth to give the bonding a surface to stick to. This is unlike dental veneers or crowns, each of which requires removal of more surface area of the tooth to make room for the restoration.

Things to Watch Out For With Dental Bonding

While dental bonding is an attractive way to fix certain teeth issues, it does have its downsides. Dental bonding can stain, which can give them an awkward appearance if you are not careful.

Avoiding staining food and drink, such as coffee, tea, red wine, and berries, will help avoid this issue. If you do consume any of the offensive food or drinks, rinsing your mouth with water right away can help avoid the risk of excessive staining.

Dental bonding also is not as strong as dental veneers or crowns. You may have to watch the texture and hardness of your foods to ensure that you do not chip or break the bonding. The good news is, though, that our dentists can easily fix the area should this occur.

If you would like to learn more about dental bonding and see if you are a good candidate for it, contact Laser Dental Bakersfield at (661) 241-9144 today!

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Dental Bonding | Laser Dental Bakersfield - Bakersfield, CA
At Laser Dental Bakersfield, we are proud to offer dental bonding to help fix unsightly smiles that make you feel insecure. Learn more here.
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