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Missing teeth can be difficult and embarrassing. Even one missing tooth can make chewing difficult and can ruin your self-esteem.

At Laser Dental Bakersfield we are proud to offer quality dental bridgesto help replace those missing teeth and help you restore full function of your mouth.

A bridge can help you restore the natural look of your mouth, which can help boost your self-confidence and your ability to talk and eat.

Your smile plays an important role in how you feel about yourself, and we are here to help you improve that smile with dental bridges.

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges help 'bridge the gap' from a missing tooth. A bridge uses the two teeth on both sides of the gap, whether you are missing one or several teeth in a row. The bridge consists of a crown on both supporting teeth and a pontic, which is the false tooth.

We can also create a bridge with dental implants to replace the missing tooth, giving your mouth a natural appearance if you prefer the look and feel of the dental implants.

How Dental Bridges Work

It takes two appointments to place a dental bridge in your mouth.

During the first appointment, we will shape the abutment teeth so that they can accept the dental crowns. During this process, we remove some of the enamel on the healthy teeth to make room for the crowns.

Once we prepare the area, we take impressions to have the pontic (false tooth) and crowns created. One type of impression is called a digital impression.

Our lab creates the crowns and pontic to look like your existing teeth to give your mouth a uniform appearance. While the lab creates your permanent bridge, we will fit you with a temporary bridge so that you have full function of your mouth.

At your next appointment, we will fit you with the permanent bridge. This step may require multiple appointments as we adjust the bridge for proper comfort and appearance.

Once you are comfortable with how it looks and feels, we cement the bridge in place, and you have a fully functioning mouth again.

Caring for Your Dental Bridge

Caring for the dental bridge is just as easy as caring for your natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing habits are crucial to keep the bacteria, plaque, and tartar away. This will help prevent decay, as will keeping your regular dental checkups every six months.

While you do not have to follow a strict diet when you have a dental bridge, you should try to avoid excessively sticky or hard foods. Sticky foods can get stuck in small spaces, eating away at your enamel and ruining the integrity of the bridge over time.

Hard foods can cause your natural teeth, the crowns, or the pontic to crack, which would then require repair and replacement.

With proper care, your dental bridge should last up to 15 years. It should also make eating, talking, and smiling much easier since you no longer have to worry about showing off your loose or missing teeth.

Call Laser Dental Bakersfield at (661) 241-9144 to set up your consultation for a dental bridge to see if it can help fill the gap caused by missing teeth.

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At Laser Dental Bakersfield we are proud to offer quality dental bridges to help replace those missing teeth and help you restore full function of your mouth.
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