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Root Canals

At Laser Dental Bakersfield, our goal is to preserve your natural teeth as much as possible. When teeth experience trauma, excessive decay, or disease, the roots may experience damage, which could cause a tooth to fail. Rather than extracting the tooth and replacing it with an artificial tooth, we perform a root canal. This helps save the tooth and the integrity of your oral health.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a restorative surgical procedure that we perform in our office. After administering anesthetic, we drill a hole in the tooth to get access to the tooth's pulp. We remove the pulp, clean the interior of the tooth, and place a filling material to seal the roots off from future decay or disease. This helps keep your natural tooth in place while removing any threatening tissues from your mouth.

Cleaning the roots eliminates any disease or decay that is present and gives the tooth a chance to remain healthy. We will either place a temporary crown over the tooth or fill it, depending on the size of the hole. This allows you to go about your normal habits after leaving the office.

If we fit you with a temporary crown, you will come back to our office in a couple of weeks so that we can place the permanent crown. This will help keep your tooth strong and intact, allowing you to keep your natural tooth.

Who Needs Root Canals?

We offer a root canal to patients that have an infected tooth that without a root canal would need an extraction. We try to avoid tooth extraction as much as possible because your natural teeth are imperative to your overall oral health.

While tooth extraction seems like the 'easier' option, it can lead to shifting teeth, difficulty chewing, and a 'sagging' face due to a lack of structure in the mouth. A root canal can help keep the tooth's roots in place, which helps stimulate jawbone growth, keeping your facial structure intact. Not to mention, having your own teeth makes it easier to enjoy your favorite foods.

Signs that You Need a Root Canal

While we will tell you if you need a root canal to save a tooth, some of the following signs can help alert you of the need for this dental procedure:
•  Excessive pain in a tooth when eating
•  An excessively chipped or cracked tooth
•  Untreated decay
•  Painful or swollen gums

Using the Tooth After a Root Canal

The good news is that after the root canal and filling or crown, you will have full use of the tooth just as you did before. The goal of the root canal is to save the tooth so that you have the full function of your mouth. The crown or filling will give the tooth the stability that is necessary to eat, talk, and smile. We offer a variety of dental crown and filling options to ensure that they meet your cosmetic needs.

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