Can A General Dentist Perform Cosmetic Dentistry?


A more aesthetically pleasing smile is the aim of cosmetic dentistry. Veneers, teeth whitening, and dental restoration are a few procedures that assist in achieving this objective. While cosmetic dentists are trained specifically to carry out these procedures, general dentists are also qualified to do so. Unless unique circumstances surround you, you can trust a dentist from any specialty to care for your cosmetic dental needs. Below, we’ll learn more about regular dentists and experts in cosmetic dentistry.

Can Your Dentist Perform Cosmetic Procedures?

The short answer to this question is emphatic “yes,” as was already mentioned. Every dentist receives the education and training necessary to carry out these procedures. They can assist you in choosing the best cosmetic procedure for you, preparing your teeth for it, and carrying it out without difficulty. So what distinguishes cosmetic dentists from general dentists?

  • Cosmetic Dentists: These experts are committed to improving their patients’ smiles. They receive the same training as your general dentist at the outset, but they frequently take additional courses in cosmetic dentistry. Additionally, they frequently spend their first few years working for an experienced dentist in a cosmetic dental office. Although cosmetic treatments are their expertise, they excel when a patient has complex issues that make getting a gorgeous grin difficult.
  • General Dentists: General dentists are concerned with handling the typical day-to-day worries of dental patients, as the term suggests. They include tooth care, dental cleanliness, preventative care, treatment for oral discomfort, and gum care in their routine. But cosmetic procedures are essential to their care, just like the other aspects. Every aspect of your oral health will be known to your general dentist, who can consider it when planning your cosmetic procedure.

It’s also vital to think about how much a cosmetic procedure can cost when having it performed by a specialist. Specialists tend to charge more for procedures because of their expertise and training. Your general dentist might charge less; your insurance plan can sometimes cover their care. If the aesthetic concern being addressed is complex enough to require a cosmetic dentist, investing in their expertise is the better choice. However, a general dentist is just as qualified as a cosmetic dentist for simple procedures like teeth whitening.

It’s also important to note that many cosmetic dental procedures fall under other dental specialties. Dental implants, crowns, fillings, and braces may have a cosmetic component. You would want a general dentist or another specialist to conduct these treatments, but the cosmetic outcomes will be pretty good.

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