Dental Technology

At Laser Dental Bakersfield we use cutting-edge dental technology to provide you with safe, fast, and effective results!

Cone Bream & 3D Imaging

Cone Beam 3D Imaging is an advanced dental imaging technology that allows for an illimitable view of the teeth and supportive structures within the face. With Cone Beam 3D Imaging, a dentist can capture panoramic views of the maxillofacial area in just 10 seconds. Cone Beam 3D images offer an enhanced view of the face that can be examined and evaluated from multiple viewing angles. A single image can reveal the associative relationship between the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, which can aid in treatment planning and administration.

3d rendering modern dental machine

X-Guide Navigation

Guided implant surgery is a method that allows dentists to plan your implant surgery on a computer using Computerized Tomography (CT) as opposed to traditional panoramic x-rays that offer the dentist a limited approach during the planning and execution of the oral surgery. This technique ensures a more accurate process from plan to execution.

Laser Dental Bakersfield treatment office with dental equipment

Smile Design Technology

Here at Laser Dental Bakersfield, we use DTX studio software for treatment planning our cosmetic cases in collaboration with our dental laboratories from diagnostics to treatments to follow ups. The DTX Studio helps consolidate all visual patient information in just one software and makes all images available for the entire practice at any time, in every room. This software collects the facts and visual evidence to guide our decisions and keep the patient always informed.
On the implant side of our dental practice, we export the CBCT of the patient to integrate with the X-Navigation software of our X-Guide machine to predict the right positioning of the implant post and future crown/crowns in the mouth. This design will then be used by Dr. Molato in placing of the implant at the right position in the mouth.

Smiling young woman receiving dental checkup

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a handheld appliance that is shaped like a wand. The tiny camera at the tip of the appliance takes hundreds of pictures per second to capture an in-depth and accurate image of your mouth. This image is sometimes used to create a digital impression of your teeth and gums. A digital impression is particularly useful for same-day dental crowns.

Intra Oral camera handed by dentistry doctor

Digital X-Ray

In the past, most dental professionals had to use the traditional x-ray systems, which require film development. These days, we use digital x-rays due to their many benefits. A digital x-ray is safer and much quicker than its film predecessor. If the image comes out blurry, we can instantly retake a new one. Digital x-rays are a crucial diagnostic tool that helps us gain a better understanding of the inner workings of your mouth, more specifically the teeth, roots, and alveolar bone.

Dentist showing teeth x-ray on digital tablet screen

Dental Vibe

Pain-free dentistry starts with DENTALVIBE! Millions fear the dentist because of painful oral injection especially on the palate. Dentalvibe alleviates the anxiety of oral injections by massaging the nerves and tissue around the injection site for better dental experience, helping petrified patients smile every day!
Using this vibrating tool for 30 seconds prior to injection, it distracts the brain from perceiving the pain by focusing on the vibration and not on the sharp needle and anesthetic pressure sensation.

Dental Vibe injection comfort systerm

Digital Impressions

At Laser Dental Bakersfield, our cutting-edge technology allows us to provide a supreme level of care for our patients. For instance, we now offer digital impressions thanks to a revolutionary device known as an intraoral scanner. Digital impressions have some advantages over traditional ones. Traditional impressions involve a material that is often messy, inconvenient, and uncomfortable.

dental 3d scanner

Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry help make dental procedures less invasive, more comfortable and have faster healing. It can be a great option for patients that have a fear of the dentist as well as patients that want the convenience of faster healing.