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Dr. Jeannie A. Cajayon-Molato, DMD

The art and science of dentistry has become my career’s passion. I can utilize my artistic passion and skill to give my patients smiles they have always dreamed of. I am also able to relieve my patients of their pain and discomfort, restore function to better their quality of life and educate the patients how to take care and maintain their oral health.

I love Bakersfield and have considered it as my home since 2019. I have an extended family who lived in Bakersfield for more than 40 years. I am excited to own and operate the only laser dental office in all of Kern County. I envision growth in our community and look forward to the future of Bakersfield. It is very humbling to me that many of my patients come to Bakersfield from Los Angeles (many of which have been my patients for over 20 years), Simi Valley, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Arizona and even Alaska.

Laser Dental Bakersfield offers unique services of the most advanced dental technologies:

Uses ER-YAG for drilling and ND-YAD for soft tissues in addition to our Diode laser that I have been using for 8 years.

X NAV for dental implants.

A one day smile makeover.

Uses a variety of options such as crowns, bridges, implants, dentures, implant overdentures, precision partial dentures and laser teeth whitening.

I have served thousands of patients throughout Southern California for more than 25 years. I opened my first dental practice, Molato Dental, in San Fernando Valley in 1999. I acquired my second practice Simi Hills Dental in Simi Valley in 2016 and served numerous patients in Ventura County for 4 years. In August 2019, I made the exciting decision to establish Laser Dental Bakersfield, where I currently work full time serving Kern County and neighboring cities.

My training began in Manila Philippines, where I completed my dental education at Centro Escolar University School of Dentistry at the age of 21. I also attended the UCLA review program for the California Central Board in 1995. In 2001, I attended Dental Engineering Laboratories workshops in Endodontics in Santa Barbara, CA. I attended the Bioclear Learning center in 2012 and became a Bioclear Certified Dentist. In 2019, my interest in dental lasers made me transform my practice into laser dentistry where I attended numerous laser classes by Fotona Lightwalker Laser. I had been restoring implants for over 18 years but in 2021, I attended and finished the Implant Maxi Course program of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry and Implant externship program of California Implant Institute to incorporate the implant surgery in my practice.

  • American Dental Association
  • California Dental Association
  • Kern County Dental Society

Laser Dentistry – Dental clinical applications

Bioclear Bonding – One day smile makeover

Implant Dentistry – Surgery and restorations

Endodontics – Root canal treatments

Dentures and partials including in house repairs


Periodontal treatments – Laser-assisted procedures

I am blessed to have 2 lovely daughters, Chelsea and Camille who support me in my career and decision to move to Bakersfield. My oldest daughter Chelsea is in Loma Linda University – School of Dentistry hygiene program graduating May of 2022 then will start her Dental degree to become a dentist in the Fall of 2022 in the same university. My younger daughter Camille currently works at Laser Dental Bakersfield as a dental/office assistant.

Volunteering in the community is also one of the things I enjoy doing. I was a volunteer dentist for 6 years at MEND (a nonprofit organization in Pacoima CA) until 2015. I also joined different community outreach programs in different countries in the past like the Philippines and Peru.

Dr. Jeannie A. Cajayon-molato In treatment room

“Dr. Molato continues to amaze me with her work and attention to detail. Dr. Molato and her staff are absolutely amazing!”
– Chris R.

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