Damon Braces: How They’re Changing The Face of Orthodontic Care

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For decades the most prominent form of orthodontic treatment was traditional braces and anchorages. Recent years have led to major shifts in the forms of orthodontic appliances used. Innovations in dental technology have led to the creation of faster, more efficient, and more comfortable orthodontic care. Along with the advent of clear aligners, there have also been advances in traditional braces. One of these new styles of dental braces is called Damon orthodontics.

Damon Orthodontics And How They Revolutionize Orthodontic Care

One of the biggest complaints about orthodontic treatment is the time involved. These treatments generally take anywhere from a month to years to finish. Damon orthodontics has come along to help reduce that time period. This system is built on a unique sliding mechanism that applies precise pressure to the target teeth. With this mechanism, known as self-ligating brackets, this pressure is applied more consistently and accurately to help reduce the time needed to see results.

Damon orthodontics also takes advantage of mini-screws that are central to the improved results these appliances can provide. These screws are anchored in the jawbone through the gingival tissue. They serve as a leverage point that the orthodontic system can act on when moving malpositioned teeth. Inserting the mini-screws is a minor procedure that involves the following steps:

  • Dental Imaging – The first step is checking the health of the tissues and bone where the screw will be inserted. 
  • Anesthetizing – Once the site has been cleared for placing a mini-screw, the area will be anesthetized to prepare for placement.
  • Creating Mounting Point – A small hole will be drilled through the gum and into the bone to allow placement of the mini-screw.

Dr. Abdolreza Jamilian developed the Damon Orthodontic process to treat certain forms of malocclusions. It is most effective in cases where extra-oral (outside the mouth) appliances would otherwise be necessary for making the necessary adjustment. These appliances were unsightly and problematic, especially for those patients who require glasses.

This approach brings comfort and convenience to the adjustment process while preventing the discomfort of wearing extra-oral appliances. They also eliminate many of the concerns that come with the previous treatment methods. The results are generally more successful, and there’s much less chance of the orthodontic appliance becoming damaged or knocked out of alignment during treatment.

Learn More About Damon Orthodontics From Your Dentist

If you’re considering undergoing orthodontic treatment, reach out to your dentist. Every year new advances in orthodontic technology produce more treatment options and approaches. When you communicate with your dentist about your desire for orthodontic care, they can update you on what’s available. Further, they can perform a full dental examination and work with you to organize a treatment plan to achieve your desired goals. Every year it becomes easier for those needing orthodontic care to achieve the smiles they’ve always dreamed of. Don’t wait to start your journey to a beautiful smile free of malocclusion; reach out to your dentist today!

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