Discover How Salivary Gland Disorders Can Impact Your Oral Health


Our smiles are an important part of our self-esteem and how we approach the world. It shows and impacts how others react to us if we’re self-conscious about it. That’s why most of us are dedicated to daily brushing and flossing to ensure our smile stays healthy and looks great. Sometimes, however, this dedication to good oral hygiene isn’t enough to protect our smile. Some oral health conditions, such as salivary gland disorders, can put our smiles at risk and require us to take extra steps to ensure they look great. The Laser Dental Bakersfield team is here to help our patients overcome all their oral health struggles and ensure they keep beautiful smiles for a lifetime.

Discover How Salivary Gland Disorders Can Impact Your Oral Health

Most of us have a mixed relationship with saliva. We only think about it a little as we eat, drink, and talk throughout the day. However, it’s essential to all those processes and our overall oral health. Just as too much saliva can result in unsightly drooling, having too little can make eating and speaking difficult and even negatively impact our oral health.

Saliva is produced by a series of glands in the oral mucosa, the mucus membranes in the oral cavity. When we’re experiencing a salivary gland disorder, these glands fail to produce sufficient saliva. This results in a feeling of dryness in the mouth that can make chewing, swallowing, and speaking difficult. One common condition that falls under this category is Sjogren’s Syndrome. This syndrome has symptoms that impact the functioning of the salivary glands and the tear ducts.

As numerous conditions can qualify as salivary gland disorders, their symptoms vary. However, some of the most common indicators include:

  • Difficulty with swallowing
  • Struggles with opening the mouth
  • Recurring infections in the salivary glands
  • Facial and neck swelling
  • Abnormal taste experiences

These represent only those symptoms common with salivary gland disorders. However, these disorders often have additional symptoms and health conditions. Sjogren’s syndrome impacts the tear ducts as well as other systems in the body, for instance. 

The work saliva does for our oral health often goes unappreciated. It plays a major role in the protection of our teeth. At its most basic, it washes away bacteria and food debris from our mouths, reducing the chance of tooth decay and gum disease from forming. It also creates an environment in our oral cavity that’s hostile to streptococcus mutans, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay.

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Laser Dental Bakersfield is here to provide our patients with a full range of oral health care options. From preventative care to gum disease and tooth decay treatment, we’re prepared to protect your smile from various oral health concerns. If you’re concerned you’re struggling with a salivary gland disorder, call our office today at (661) 885-9054 or stop by our location in Bakersfield, CA. It never pays to wait to take care of your dental health, so join the Laser Dentistry Bakersfield family of patients today!

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