Gum Contouring Helps Boost Smile Beauty


Cosmetic dentistry can help you achieve a more attractive smile if you have a gummy smile, which makes the teeth look uneven or shows too much gingival tissue. By reshaping your gum line, your dentist can use gum contouring to completely change the appearance of your mouth in just one appointment.

How Laser Dental Bakersfield Can Help You Contour Your Gums

As stated, gum contouring may help eliminate a gummy smile. Too much gingival tissue can make your teeth seem tiny, crooked, or uneven. These conditions could be treated to eliminate them and restore the smile’s natural attractiveness. When you have an appointment for gum contouring, there are things to keep in mind: 

  • Treatment: After thoroughly examining the smile, your dentist will mark any tissues that require removal or reshaping. The excess tissues are then carefully removed using a dental laser, and the gum line is reshaped to enhance general symmetry. The lasers can accomplish this in just one session without causing any harm to healthy tissues. The use of lasers minimizes the danger of swelling, bleeding, and infection following the procedure, and anesthesia is rarely required. After only one day of rest, most individuals resume their regular schedules!
  • Benefits of Treatment: Your dentist can use these to help your smile look more attractive overall so you can laugh and grin for photos without fear and feel more at ease when you meet new people. What happens, though, if you have gum disease? The same technology could be used to carefully remove the diseased tissues from a more severe condition so that healthy tissues could adhere to the teeth and lessen the depth of periodontal pockets. Regular dental cleanings every three to four months allow your dentist to control the disease and protect your smile in the future. They can help combat periodontal disease and enhance smile beauty to safeguard your smile from the disease’s later stages related to adult tooth loss.

For more information on gum contouring, get in touch with your dental staff right away. Aside from this process, dentists can also provide porcelain veneers, dental bonding and contouring, professional teeth whitening, and more to help enhance the general beauty of your smile, frequently in just one to two visits. Numerous general dentists and periodontists can carry out the gum contouring treatment. Ask your dentist about their expertise and experience with the procedure before having it done. Even just contouring your gums is regarded as aesthetic surgery. It is typically not medically essential. To enhance the appearance of their mouth, most people have their gums reshaped. On the other hand, some patients have gum contouring surgery as a component of other essential periodontal operations, like crown lengthening, pocket reduction, and regenerative procedures.

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Our staff can improve the symmetry and beauty of your smile! Call Laser Dental Bakersfield at (661) 885-9054 if you have questions about our cosmetic treatment choices. You can have a beautiful smile, so book your cosmetic appointment right away to get started. We’re eager to give you the confidence to smile, and it all starts with a quick consultation.

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