How Laser Technology is Changing Dentistry


The shrill sound of a dentist’s drill is a key part of the anxiety experienced by those needing treatment. The sound is cutting, relentless, and penetrates enough to make many grit their teeth. Thanks to the ongoing advance of dental technology, a superior alternative has arisen. Modern dentistry is relying more and more on the quiet, painless technology of the laser drill. This simple change has made receiving dental care less intimidating for thousands of patients.

How Laser Technology is Changing Dentistry

Dental phobia, also known as dental anxiety, occurs when nervousness or fear accompanies visits to the dentist. For some, dental anxiety is so severe that merely discussing a dental visit is enough to leave them feeling overwhelmed. This condition can drive sufferers to go out of their way to avoid visiting the dentist under any circumstances. One key trigger of their anxiety is the relentless sound of the dental drill.

Implementing the laser drill has gone a long way to address this specific concern. Laser dentistry implements coherent night, commonly referred to as a laser, to perform various dental procedures. They provide several benefits over traditional dental drills, such as the following:

  • Silent operation, no shrill drill sound
  • High precision makes it possible to destroy less healthy tissue during procedures
  • Instant vaporize and seal functionality means faster healing times with less pain
  • Nearly painless operation reduces or eliminates the need for anesthetic

Not only is the drill nearly silent, but its quiet pulsing sound can often serve to ease anxiety in patients. These new tools have been used extensively in the dental industry for various purposes. The scope of their use has continued to expand, making them capable of addressing discolored teeth, tooth decay, and gum disease.

When used to eliminate tooth decay, they’re able to hone in on the material needing to be removed. Once the decay has been eliminated, the laser can then help prepare the area for filling placement. Similarly, decayed and infected gum can be removed easily when gum disease is present. During treatment of periodontitis, it’s possible to remove the bacteria and reshape the gums themselves.

They can be particularly effective at battling stubborn discoloration of the tooth. Rather than bleaching or using an abrasive, discolored dental tissue is removed with the laser. This reduces the amount of enamel removed and leaves the target tooth looking beautiful. They’re also used in combination with whitening solutions to amplify how quickly and effectively they work.

Learn More By Speaking To Your Dentist Today

If you have more questions about how laser dentistry can help improve your oral care, speak to your dentist. They’ll be able to explain how changing from traditional to laser drills can improve the results you experience at their clinic. Every year more and more dentists are implementing laser dentistry at their practice to provide better care for their patients. Call your dentist and experience the laser dentistry difference today!

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