How To Care For And Protect Your Clear Aligners


One of the biggest revolutions in orthodontic care arrived with clear aligners. These devices completely changed the perception of what it meant to get orthodontic care and correct misaligned teeth or malocclusion. Traditional braces, which used to be the go-to solution for almost every patient, were no longer the reigning monarch of orthodontics. However, with more people getting these revolutionary aligners daily, education on proper care is essential. Laser Dental Bakersfield put together the following guide on clear aligner care.

How To Care For And Protect Your Clear Aligners

While clear aligners are relatively durable and easy to use, it’s still important to know how to care for them properly. They can become warped or damaged without proper care and risk becoming stained. Ensuring that they continue to be discreet while being able to perform their intended purpose successfully requires following these steps:

  • Regularly Clean Them – Getting in the habit of regularly cleaning your clear aligners will ensure they stay clear. Doing so will ensure that they stay free from bacteria and reduces the risk of their becoming stained. They should be cleaned at the same time that you brush your teeth.
  • Do Dental Hygiene Before Replacing Them – Start your dental hygiene routine by removing your clear aligners. Then thoroughly clean them, do your dental hygiene routine, rinse, and replace them. This ensures that no plaque or food particles remain stuck in either and prevents them from assisting tooth decay.
  • Store Them Safely – Your aligners should always be stored in a safe, dry container to prevent them from becoming damaged or lost. The case they come in is an excellent place to keep them when you’re not wearing them, even when eating out. Many clear aligners have been lost or damaged due to being placed in a napkin while dining out.
  • Remove The When Eating – Food and drink run the highest risk of staining your clear aligners right after tobacco use. It’s best to remove them at these times. This also helps to reduce the risk of them becoming damaged from chewing or the materials inside acidic drinks. Again, placing them in their case while eating is a safe way to store them.
  • Avoid The Heat – At least avoid leaving them someplace they can be exposed to high heat. Direct sunlight, hot water, and even the interior of a hot vehicle can cause the aligners to become warped and damaged over time. Ensure they’re stored in a cool place out of direct sunlight to stay effective and safe.

Come See Laser Dental Bakersfield To Learn More

When you receive clear aligners for your orthodontic care, you want to ensure that you get the results you’re hoping for. This starts by ensuring that your aligners remain in good repair and aren’t damaged or warped by misuse. Learning how to care for them properly is a vital first step in this process. When you receive orthodontic care with Laser Dental Bakersfield, you’re guaranteed to be equipped with all the instructions necessary to make your experience a successful one. Call us today at (661) 885-9054 or stop by our offices in Bakersfield, CA, today to get started!

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