How Tooth Extraction Protects Your Smile


Tooth extractions can be a scary concept, but in some cases, they are essential. Even while no one wants to lose a tooth, your dentist may advise you to get one to help improve your oral health. Through a qualified, experienced team, your mouth will feel so much better, and you can replace that tooth with a restoration to help keep your mouth healthy and clean. But when is a tooth extraction needed, and how does it protect your smile? In this article, we’ll explain what health problems require tooth extractions and provide information to make your upcoming procedure easier. 

How Does Getting a Tooth Extraction Protect Your Smile? 

If your dentist recommends a tooth extraction, you most likely need one. This is because tooth extractions work to prevent further harm to your oral health, either as a preventative measure or as a necessary treatment. Removing the affected tooth helps protect the other teeth throughout your mouth from potential damage or decay. Some of the most common reasons for a tooth extraction include the following:  

  • Tooth Infection: Tooth decay and pulp infections can become dangerous when leftover time and severe tooth decay make it challenging to save the tooth. While root canals can be used to save the tooth if the decay is minor, significant signs of tooth loss from an infection will need tooth extractions as soon as possible. 
  • Impacted Tooth: Impacted teeth are the other common reason that people need tooth extractions. In most cases, wisdom teeth are the most common teeth to be extracted because of how difficult they are to clean and the fact that there’s not enough room in the mouth to support them. In other cases, impacted teeth that aren’t wisdom teeth will gradually shift your smile and cause misalignments, which in turn need extractions to correct. 
  • Cosmetic Improvements: Some circumstances will require tooth extractions because of cosmetic reasons. For instance, if a tooth is flawed and presents signs of damage and decay to the point of necrosis, a tooth extraction will be needed to remove the remaining tooth and replace it with an implant. Other people may opt for tooth extractions because they will provide them with easier access to the treatments they desire most. 

If you’re concerned about feeling pain during your tooth extraction, then it’s important to know that your dentist will work with all the resources they have to make sure the procedure is painless. They’ll use local anesthesia to numb the area and can guide you through the process if you face any fears or phobias related to your dental care. Most of all, they can ensure that once your tooth extraction site has healed, you’ll receive an excellent tooth replacement that will last for years to come. 

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