Is Nitrous Oxide A Good Option For Your Children?


Finding effective methods of managing pain and anxiety in your child during a dental visit can bring significant peace of mind. One of the preferred methods of accomplishing this is nitrous oxide. This gas is colorless and has a sweet odor that makes it pleasant to breathe, and is exceptional at easing pain and anxiety. Dentists all over the world use this sedation option in their practices due to its ease of administering, rapid recovery time, and overall safety.

Understanding Nitrous Oxide And Its Role In Dental Care

Nitrous oxide has been in use for decades and has been consistently shown to be safe and effective for use in dental care. Children who experience anxiety about receiving dental care or experience physical discomfort due to a sore jaw or overactive gag reflex can benefit from nitrous oxide. This sedative ensures that they remain calm and still without rendering them unconscious, avoiding accident or injury during treatment. It’s also effective for particularly fidgety or unfocused children while receiving care.

When under the influence of nitrous oxide, your child will be more relaxed and calm throughout standard procedures. It’s commonly used in fillings and dental cleanings by helping children remain still throughout. It can help create a positive experience during the visit, helping the child to remain excited about future visits to the clinic. In addition to these benefits, nitrous oxide provides the following:

  • Child Is Responsive and Awake – Unlike other forms of sedation, your child will remain awake throughout the procedure. Your child will feel relaxed and perhaps a little giddy, which may result in their laughing during the procedure. Since they’re awake, they’ll be able to work with the dentist and follow instructions.
  • Quick Recovery Time – As soon as the mask is removed, your child will begin to recover from the effects of the gas. This recovery time typically only takes a matter of a few minutes. This means that your child will be able to return to normal activities following the procedure, rather than having to spend time recovering from sedation.
  • No Side Effects – One major benefit of nitrous oxide is its lack of side effects. This sedative is safe for both adults and children, especially when administered by trained dentists. Throughout the procedure, your child will remain calm and relaxed, recovering from sedation with no side effects and ready to face their day.

Nitrous oxide has a long history of being safe and effective for use in a wide variety of dental treatments. It’s perfect for those suffering from nervousness or anxiety. It’s one of the most important tools in helping certain patients receive the dental care they need safely and effectively.

Learn More About Nitrous Oxide Sedation From Your Dentist

Your dental provider is ready to answer all your questions regarding sedation options for your child. Consistent and effective dental care is essential for children and adults alike. This is just one more way to ensure that everyone gets the care they need. Call your dentist today and set up your next visit.

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