Pediatric Robots: A New Companion For Improving Dental Care


Considering children’s poor understanding of what occurs during their visit to the dentist, it’s not surprising that they can find it intimidating. This makes it essential for dentists who will work with children to have the knowledge and experience to work with nervous children. Accomplishing this has often involved a lot of trial and error for the dentist as they go through their education and start their practice. Tmsuk, a Japanese Robot Technology company, has developed a child robot that provides essential experience to dentists going into pediatric care.

How The Pediatric Dental Robot Aids In Pediatric Dental Education

This robot is designed to mimic children’s behavior in the dental chair. Throughout the dentist’s mock procedures, the child will fidget, close their mouth, and even flinch. These effects are accomplished through the use of piezo (crystal) technology combined with proportional pressure regulators. The practice they receive with the dental robot ensures they can respond to these behaviors better when encountering them with living patients.

It’s also useful in training those who may be working to become dental assistants. The child robot will react in ways that require it to gently be restrained by holding its limbs. This occurs in particularly difficult children, and these future professionals must know how to manage the situation when they encounter it.

These trainee dentists can also use the robot to help with gaining experience with oral surgery. Children commonly experience a loss of blood pressure, unconsciousness, shocks, and even potentially critical physical complications. These dentists must be prepared to respond to these occurrences appropriately. This means that future pediatric dentists will be better prepared than ever to provide safe, effective care for your child.

The robot has been designed to be durable and long-lasting to ensure its affordability. By making them more accessible, they’ll make their way into more dental education schools faster. This is part of Tmsuk’s dedication to ensuring that the future of pediatric dentistry is better than ever. This is just another example of how robot technology impacts the effectiveness of your care.

The Underlying Technology Of The Pediatric Dental Robot

The pediatric dental robot uses various technologies to produce a realistic effect for the dental trainees. These include air cylinders that consume less air, fast response piezo-electric crystals, and the capacity for strong and dynamic responses when necessary. All of this is delivered in a compact form that’s easily transportable and convenient to store. Every year the world of robotics makes a greater impact on dentistry, with robot-assisted treatments around the corner. You may receive house calls from your dentist in the form of a remote dental robot that can provide simple treatments using wireless technology. Ask your dentist what types of technology they’re watching out for and intend to include in their clinic.

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