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Dr. Jeannie Molato, DMD] at Laser Dental Bakersfield in Bakersfield, CA.


The art and science of dentistry has become my career's passion. I am able to utilize my artistic passion and skill to give my patients smiles they have always dreamed of. I am also able to relieve my patients of their pain and discomfort, restore function to better their quality of life and educate the patients how to take care and maintain their oral health.

By turning pain to comfort, insecurity to confidence, and negligence to diligence, working with so many unique people in the past 29 years, made me understand that each person has individual needs, concerns, expectations, fears, and results. This has taught me to become more compassionate, patient, understanding, and flexible to each life situation, whether to be in or out of the office.

Aside from my family, dentistry means the world to me. I enjoy what I am doing and I look forward to each day of work. This profession gives me satisfaction in life and makes me realize that my life is worth living because of all the unique people I have had the honor of serving every day. The countless hugs and other acts of kindness from the patients, whether in my dental office or my volunteer work, assure me that I have chosen the right profession. It means a lot to me that I can make difference in other people's lives and they, in turn, complete me.

I had established 4 dental offices in my entire career. The first one was in Manila Philippines in 1991 which I owned and practice for 4 years prior to migrating to the United States. The second one was in 1999 Molato Dental located in Van Nuys CA which I owned for 18 years. Currently, I have 2 dental offices one is Simi Hills Dental located in Simi Valley CA established in 2016 and in 2019, I recently opened Laser Dental Bakersfield located in Bakersfield, CA.

In 2019, I had upgraded my daily dental routine by incorporating Laser technology in my practice. With this, I manage to perform many treatment possibilities that only the latest laser technology can offer my patients and I am proud to bring this to Bakersfield. I am also offering other cosmetic procedures like Bioclear® bonding (a technique that could conservatively close gaps, spaces, black triangles, straighten teeth, improve smile conservatively and affordably), Zirconia crowns and bridges including implant crowns, dentures and partials including implant dentures, root canals, laser gum treatments and other routine dental procedures.

Education and Continuing Education

My interest in dentistry began with the influence of my aunt, Mrs. Nenette Golff, a long time Periodontal office manager in Santa Monica California and now in Jacksonville Florida. She recognized my passion for art, my high scholastic standings in school and compassionate nature that she suggested that I pursue a career in Dentistry. I graduated from Centro Escolar University in Manila, Philippines, in 1990. After moving to the United States in 1994, I attended UCLA’s class for foreign graduates in 1995 and challenged the 4 part California Dental Boards and got my license in 1997. I had continued to improve my knowledge in dentistry by attending the classes at Loma Linda University, Dental Engineering Laboratories under Dr. Stephen Buchanan for continuing education in endodontics, Bioclear learning center under Dr. David Clark on the new techniques on cosmetic bonding and became a certified Bioclear dentist and recently, I attended various classes for Laser Dentistry to know more about this exciting new trend in dentistry that I now use in my day to day practice.

Professional Affiliations

•  American Dental Association
•  California Dental Association
•  Ventura County Dental Association.

Family and Community

I am blessed to have 2 lovely daughters, Chelsea and Camille who support me in my career and decisions in life. Chelsea recently finished her Bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology and is preparing to go to dental school which is her childhood dream career. Camille is currently in her Vocational special education class in Bakersfield which is exciting for her to be in a new school.

As a family, we enjoy traveling, learning about historical places and being introduced to other cultures and watching movies. My personal interests include cooking, sewing, gardening and reading. We were also part of Our Lady Of Lourdes Church choir in Northridge CA from 2010-2018.

Volunteering in the community allows me to return my blessings to other people by doing what I do best without compensation. I had Volunteered as a dentist in MEND (Meet each need with Dignity) in Pacoima CA from 2010-2015 one day a week. I also do dental missions in places like the Philippines, Los Angeles CA and in 2019, a dental mission in Peru with San Diego Filipino dental association.

4801 Wilson Rd Bldg C
Bakersfield, CA 93309-4706

Monday-Friday: 8am - 5pm
Saturday:8am - 4pm

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