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Implant Dentures & Crowns

Complete health may be our long-term goal, but our immediate priority is the patient comfort. We do our best to facilitate a relaxing and non-threatening office environment you’ll want to return to again and again. This includes the implementation of multiple techniques to prevent treatment discomfort and minimize anxiety.

When a patient loses all or most of their teeth, Dr. Jeannie Molato, DMD will recommend dentures. Dentures can restore your ability to chew and bite, prevent a sagging facial appearance, and allow you to smile with confidence. While they may not feel exactly like your natural teeth, today’s dentures are more comfortable and esthetically-pleasing than ever before.

Losing your teeth can be traumatic and life-altering, but at Laser Dental Bakersfield, we can help you restore your beautiful smile with complete or partial dentures. These tooth replacement options help you look and feel better when you are missing teeth.

Implant supported dentures are preferred by many Bakersfield, CA dental patients who are missing all of their teeth but want a more stable prosthetic replacement option than traditional dentures provide. Unlike regular dentures, which rest on the gums unsupported, an implant supported denture is anchored in place by titanium rods surgically embedded into the jaw bone. This prevents the dentures from slipping or becoming loose during wear. Many patients find that implant supported dentures in Bakersfield, CA provide greater comfort, easier chewing, and better communication capabilities than are available via traditional dentures.

There are two types of implant supported dentures – ball retained and bar retained. Ball retained dentures are secured by ‘ball and socket’ joint attachments connected to each individual implant. A bar retained denture uses attachments connected to a bar that runs along the curvature of the jaw bone. This bar is held in place by between 2 and 5 implants, requiring fewer implants overall than ball-retained dentures do.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for implant supported dentures in Bakersfield, CA?

You may be a candidate for an implant supported denture if you are missing all of your upper or lower teeth and have enough jawbone to support artificial tooth roots. If you don’t have sufficient bone structure, your provider may recommend undergoing a grafting procedure to help build up the jaw in preparation for implants. You’ll need to consult with an implant specialist to ensure that an implant supported denture is right for you.

What should I expect if I undergo an implant procedure?

Getting implant supported dentures is a multi-step process that generally requires 2 in-office surgeries performed several months apart. During the first visit, implants will be secured within their designated locations inside the jaw. They will then be left to heal over a period of 6 to 9 months. You may be fitted for temporary dentures to wear during this time. At the conclusion of your waiting period, you’ll return to your provider’s office to have the implants re-exposed and either an abutment or bar secured to them. Lastly, you’ll be fitted for your final dentures, which will contain connective hardware for easy attachment.

How will I need to care for my implant supported dentures?

Although implant-supported dentures are designed to remain in place without slipping, they must be removed each night for cleaning. You’ll also need to carefully brush around each attachment and soak them nightly.

What Are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth. The teeth sit on a plastic base that mimics the look of your gum tissue. Partial dentures allow you to keep any remaining natural teeth in your mouth, which is always our goal. The dentures help restore function, making it easier to talk, smile and chew again.

Partial dentures also serve as ‘placeholders’ for your other teeth. With gaps in your mouth, your other teeth may naturally shift to take over the space. Putting dentures in place of the gap can help keep your natural teeth where they belong, allowing you to keep your natural teeth as long as possible.

What Are Complete Dentures?

If you have lost all of your teeth, complete dentures can help give you the function of your mouth again. Without teeth, it can be embarrassing to see others, talk, smile, and eat. After the extraction of your last teeth, we give your gum tissue time to heal before we fit you with complete dentures. We can usually fit you for complete dentures within 8 to 12 weeks.

Making The Dentures

Our lab makes your dentures so that they fit perfectly and in the case of partial dentures, match your other teeth well. We want your dentures to look and feel as natural as possible.

We start by making impressions of your jaw and taking measurements of it. We then make ‘mock dentures’ to check the fit and comfort before the final dentures are made. Dr. Jeannie A. Cajayon-Molato will ensure a proper fit as well as your comfort with the dentures because we want you to be comfortable using them.

Once you approve of the final fit, our lab will make the dentures specifically for you. After fitting you with the dentures, our dentists can then make adjustments as necessary. It may take a few appointments to get everything just right.

Using The Dentures

Our dentures look and feel natural, but they may still take a little while to get used to wearing them. You may feel as if they are loose or as if your tongue gets in the way of them for the first few weeks. However, with time, patience, and the support of our staff, you will get used to the dentures and be able to talk, smile, and eat with ease.

You may have to start off eating soft foods when you receive your new dentures, just to get your mouth used to eating with artificial teeth. Eventually, as you work your way into harder foods, enjoying all of your old favorites, you will figure out what foods work and do not work with your dentures. The only foods we recommend that you avoid are excessively sticky or hard foods, but that is the case with any type of dental restoration.


Unlike standard dentures, overdentures are attached to your teeth or dental implants while still being removable. An excellent choice for patients with some teeth still left, overdentures can be anchored for greater stability, allowing you to eat and talk without any insecurities.

Losing your teeth can be traumatic and life-altering, but at Laser Dental Bakersfield, we can help you restore your beautiful smile with complete or partial dentures. These tooth replacement options help you look and feel better when you are missing teeth.